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Race Procedures

The beginning of each race night every driver must be signed in at the legends trailer at least ½ hour before race start time, failure to do so will result in driver going to the back of the 2nd heat in the first set of heats. If a driver misses the first set of heats he or she will start in the back of the 4th heat.

Heat line ups are determined be a number pull at the time of signing in. Feature line up is calculated from drivers heats, we then line up the drivers from highest points to the lowest. If drivers tie in the heat points, then the driver who pulled the lowest number in the sign in pull will get the higher position. We will then pull an inversion pill to determine starting order. The previous event feature winner will start no better than 6th. The pull of the pill will be done at the end of the last heat race and can be viewed by any driver.

After the original start of our feature race. If a caution flag is thrown the field will line up in single file formation to be sorted into proper position. Once the proper order has been set the race director will give the command to choose. This will be done coming to the white flag lap. If we find this can’t be completed before cars enter the back straight we will have to rethink this change in procedure

Rules & Regulations

  • Every driver is required to have a 2016 Inex membership
  • Race receivers are mandatory at every event, failure to have it will result in not racing; recommend replacing battery after each event.
  • Some sort of fire suppression system is mandatory at all race facilities
  • Mufflers are mandatory at all race facilities.
  • Rookie drivers will start at the rear of the heats and feature for their first three race events, he or she will maintain race position gained on any caution flags.
  • Drivers shall not advance position, jump starts or allow another driver to advance position on all starts, (except for mechanical reasons) penalty for this infraction will be 2 positions docked at next restart of a caution or if no restart it will be docked at end of race.
  • To be eligible for year end and special event funds, drivers must place series sponsor logo on designated area of their car. The top 4 inches of the front window must be left for this logo.
  • Race winnings will be paid out at next race event
  • Due to race schedule we will not be making up rain dates
  • No funds will be paid if races are cancelled due to rain prior to the feature race,(if we run all four heats at Peterborough only, we will run that feature at a later date, time permitting)
  • If drivers come from out of province, they will be pulled from the Ontario Legends Series points at the end of the event, they will however receive Inex points for their finishing position
  • Each driver will have 1 points night drop at the end of the season
  • If a driver receives a black flag the race date must count towards their season points
  • When cars are about to be lapped and given the move over/passing flag they must move to bottom of speedway in single file. If someone uses this situation to gain a position they will be told to drop back behind the car they passed. If they fail to do so they will be placed behind that car in the official finish.
  • No driver shall race another car after the races begin, they can only race the car he or she qualified in
  • To avoid confrontation between the Legend Series and the racing facilities, drivers and or crew are required to come to the Legends Promoter if any conflicts occur with racetrack owners or track officials
  • Our Tech Directors are Inex Officials and have full authority to penalize drivers if Inex tech rules are not followed
  • Professional conduct on and off the track, there will be zero tolerance for verbal abuse, fighting or intentional contact between drivers, crews, or officials, this could result in loss of points or suspension, drivers are responsible for their own actions as well as their crew, any competitor or team member entering another team’s pit area in a threatening manner will result in driver being disqualified for that race event, no exceptions


Ontario Legends has maintained its status as a fun, family oriented series, we are pleased you have chosen to be part of its organization, and without you there is no show.

Points and Purse Breakdown

Points for all shows                           Purse money

Heat races       Feature race               Regular shows             May 21st -22nd             Colours

1st                 20       1st        50                    1st        $350.00           $800.00                     $1350.00

2nd               19       2nd        45                    2nd        $250.00           $625.00                  $1125.00

3rd                18       3rd        42                    3rd        $150.00           $500.00                   $900.00

4th         17       4th        40                    4th        $100.00           $400.00                       $800.00

5th         16       5th        39                    5th        $100.00           $300.00                       $500.00

6th         15       6th        38                    6th        $100.00           $200.00                       $300.00

7th         14       7th        37                    7th        $100.00           $200.00                       $300.00

8th         13       8th        36                    8th        $100.00           $200.00                       $300.00

9th         12       9th        35                    9th        $100.00           $200.00                       $300.00

10th       11       10th      34                    10th       $100.00           $200.00                       $300.00

11th       10       11th       33                    11th      $100.00           $175.00                       $200.00

12th        9        12th      32                    12th      $100.00           $175.00                       $200.00

13th        8        13th      31                    13th      $100.00           $175.00                       $200.00

14th        7        14th      30                    14th      $100.00           $175.00                       $200.00

15th        6        15th      29                    15th      $100.00           $175.00                       $200.00

16th        5        16th      28                    16th      $100.00           $150.00                       $175.00

17th        4        17th      27                    17th      $100.00           $150.00                       $175.00

18th      26                    18th      $100.00           $150.00                       $175.00

19th      25                    19th      $100.00           $150.00                       $150.00

20th      24                    20th      $100.00           $150.00                       $150.00

21st      23                    21st      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

22nd      22                    22nd      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

23rd      21                    23rd      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

24th      20                    24th      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

25th      19                    25th      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

26th      18                    26th      $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00



Purse money for the May 21st show at Peterborough Speedway and May 22nd at Sunset Speedway are based on 20 plus cars starting the feature. Purse money for the Autumn Colours weekend Oct.7th -9th is based on 26 cars starting the feature.