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About the Ontario Legends Series

The Ontario Legends Series is a family based racing series with mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, aunts and uncles all racing Legends Cars in a fun, friendly, competitive series that is INEX* sanctioned. We are a touring Legends Car Racing Series that will have 13 races at 2 Ontario tracks in the 2016 season. We travel with our own race director, INEX* Flag man, parts and office trailer .

We have rookies that have never raced before and veterans that have raced for years and found Legends racing to be very affordable, competitive and most of all fun.

For the past few years we have been growing and have implemented some different racing rules to give the fans and drivers some exciting racing. The differences are;

  • Double file starts and re-starts – this makes for some exciting restarts, not just follow the leader racing.
  • Random draws for position in heat races – we don’t have so called “slow car / fast car” heats, we mix them all together. This allows the rookies to compete with the best all the time, not just in the feature races.
  • Pull a pill for the feature race – when the heats are done the feature line up is calculated by the points earned in the heats, then we pull a pill (number between 1 and 6) to invert the first 1 to 6 cars. This has put rookie drivers on the pole for the first time to see what it’s like to start up front.

All in all, we want to put on races that fans want to see and drivers want to race in. It must be working because we are getting more cars and requests to race at more tracks.

So come on out to one of our races and you too may get hooked on Legends Racing. Check out our schedule to see when we are at a track close to you.

About Legends Cars

Legends Cars are a 5/8 scale versions of 1930s & 1940s Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge, coupes and sedans, powered by a 1.2 liter (75 cubic inch) engine makes them capable of speeds over 200 km/h (120 mph).

Legends Cars are one of the fastest growing segments of motorsports today, raced at over two hundred tracks and speedways in Canada and the United States. (The summer Shoot-out series is seen on SPEED TV from Lowes Motor Speedway.) Some of the top drivers in NASCAR and BUSCH series have, and still do, race Legends Cars. A strict rule book and technical inspections are the ways INEX* keeps the cost of racing to a minimum and competitive. This puts winning in the hands of the driver and their team, not their wallets.

So check out our schedule and join us at the track for a great show or better yet, if you have THE NEED FOR SPEED, contact the Legends Car dealer and join us on the track.

* INEX is the International Sanctioning body of the Legends Cars, with over 3500 members it’s is the 3rd largest sanctioning body behind NASCAR and I.M.C.A. INEX annually sanctions over 2000 races at over 200 different tracks in North America.